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Practical Life Coaching

Life coaching/consulting

My "Life Coaching" comes mainly from my years as an active mentor and foster parent for "at risk" youth.

I sought out and received, extensive training on how to create an environment for healing, not only for the youth in my care, but also practices that can be applied to anyone seeking a more fulfilling life.  I also share what has helped me alleviate my own thoughts of anxiety and depression. 


Areas that I specialize in​​

  • Movement and strength training

  • Overcoming personal trauma

  • Positive parenting techniques TBRI

       (Trust Based Relational Intervention)

  • Beyond organic personal gardening 

  • Financial intelligence and freedom

  • Navigating relationships including both monogomous and polyamourous sytles

  • Improving your communication NVC

       (Non Violent Communication)

  • Setting healthy boundaries

  • Finding a deeper sense of self

  • Increasing your consciousness 

  • Improving your emotional maturity

  • Kon Mari Organization

  • Navigating Foster and adoption care 

  • Basic Life Skills

  • Holistic nutritional consulting

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