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Justin Dreyer

Justin is an Army veteran who has dedicated his life to healing. He is a former therapeutic foster parent of seven years for adolescent boys with severe trauma of which he learned practical tools for healing from trauma and thriving. He specializes in movements: basic movement and strength training, Cold Therapy via the Wim Hof method, Compassionate Communication (Speaking from the heart and with empathy) and a positive parenting technique called Trust Based Relational Intervention. A tidying technique Kon Mari.  (T.B.R.I.) A parenting technique that involves no yelling, spanking, and time outs.

Practical Life Coaching

I help people overcome their trauma that results in anxiety and depression.

This way they are able to see their true goals in life and how to pursue them.

 Practical Life Coaching

Justin has known Karter (4) for about 4 months now, and every time Karter sees him he calls him friend! One of the things I really like is Justin incorporating healthy touch through play. He'll be right down there with the kids stretching mind and body. Intuitive of body language, listening to their boundaries. Building on trust rather than power, he leads by example, and the kids naturally gravitate and want to be involved! I look forward to continue working with Justin and learning new ways to build my relationship with Karter and to facilitate healing and connection for us as a family
-Lauren C.

"Justin is passionate for bettering the lives of children. I saw this while he played with my children by chasing them in crab walk and bear crawl (which they loved). He also included them in adult routine activities such as daily chores or yoga. It is refreshing to be around adults that treat children as equal people. Justin is a great influence on parents with children to encourage intentional time that children truly require in order to thrive."
~Elizebth A.

Ive been working on college grade work for my freshman year...i just got my accociates degree in the mail just now..i wanted to say thank you because when I first came to ur house in foster, i hated school but when you taught me how important it was, i actualy started trying and because of your motovation i am able to have a great start and not have a messed up life i used to have..thank you Justin.


Do you remember how fun it was to play as kids?
Do you remember your parents flying you through the air like an airplane?

Well while adults grow up there is a way to recapture that playfulness
and get a great safe workout in as well. 


Dog Whisperer

From my many years rescuing dogs.
I consult the owner on techniques for a better relationship with their domesticed beast.
All dogs can be theraputic, let's ensure that you both thrive together. 


Dog Whispering